The Great Paleo Experiment – a month later

Wow.  Where did the month go?!

The good news is that the reason I have not been blogging our first month is that we were very busy cooking and working very hard to integrate this new “diet” and lifestyle change into our daily lives.  The bad news is that I’ve neglected to blog it.

I deem our month of the paleo diet a real success and we (or should I just say “my husband and I”) have no intention of backing down and reverting to our former way of eating.  Our rules for this month have been sticking strictly to our paleo diet plan here at home and when we go out, we ask the kids not to drink soda but then they can order whatever they want and I try not to cringe.  My kids are old enough that they need to start taking ownership of their own diets.  I can only control what goes on the table at home.

For myself, other than the weight loss, I have seen tremendous benefits.  My digestive system has become more regular.  There’s no pain.  There’s no heartburn.  Swelling in my extremities is almost non-existent.  My fingers used to swell to the point I could not clasp my own hands without discomfort.  I find myself clasping my hands because it’s almost a foreign feeling and this feels good!  Dark circles under my eyes are all but gone.  I am very pleased with how I feel.

My husband reports that he appreciates how well his clothes are fitting.  He has had a very rough week at work that previously would have had him coming home and collapsing into his recliner.  He feels he has more energy and I can tell by how much more  involved he is in the evenings after he comes home.

My son has been dragged kicking and screaming through this diet.  He’s 17 and thinks he’s invincible.  For our first 10 days, he was sticking with it and had no junkfood or soda.  His acne was gone and he dropped weight very quickly.  Once our 10 days was up, he went back to drinking his soda… when he was out of the house… and his acne returned.  He does eat most of his meals at home however and so he has continued to drop weight.  He says his favorite part of the diet has been a cooked breakfast essentially every morning.

My oldest daughter is a carbohydrate addict.  I had been getting a sense for the last year or so that her larger than usual tummy was a direct result of “wheat belly” and I believe that to be true.  She has lost the least amount of weight but has dropped from a size 16 to a size 12!  Her size had really started to affect her self-esteem and while she mourns the loss of her beloved bread, going clothes shopping and needing to request a smaller size was a real pick-me-up for her.  She even suggested we go out and try more clothes and maybe even a dress!

My youngest is the one I have most hope for.  She has had a serious battle with her weight her whole life at the age of 12.  In just one month she has seen a boost her in memory and energy and symptoms of insulin resistance are fading.  She absolutely can’t wait for her new wardrobe!  As her mom, the results that this child is seeing makes all of the struggle to put new meals on the table all worth it.  She needed a drastic change and this is working.

Well, our weigh in this morning was a mixed bag.  My husband and I lost weight.  My son was down 11 pounds.   My oldest daughter weighed in and was 5 pounds down after a church youth pizza party last night.  My youngest was very surprising as she gained.  Last weekend she weighed in and had lost a full 11 pounds since we started and this morning she was up a full 5#!  It would be discouraging if I didn’t think that this might be a related to a “monthly” water weight gain.  Time will tell.  (Confirmed!).  She certainly doesn’t look as though she put on 5#.  Because of her other hormonal issues, if this were help her being regular with her menstrual cycles, it’s just as good of news as weight loss would be.  Because of these fluctuations, I am going to estimate that our total loss at just over 50 pounds.

50 pounds!!!

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