Watch as I tap-dance around the Paleo diet

I have struggled with a disease called PCOS all of my adult life.  It affected my menstrual cycles and my ability to get pregnant.  I had my first two children with the miracle of fertility drugs.  After I had my 2nd daughter, I dove into researching natural treatments for PCOS.  I wasn’t considering another baby, I just wanted to stop gaining weight and get healthier.  The most common recommendation for PCOS is a low-carb diet and exercise.  To our absolute shock and pure joy, we were surprised with another baby!

Through the course of motherhood of very young toddlers who had unfinished cheerios on their high chair and grilled cheese sandwiches, the notion of a low-carb diet went out the window.  Over time, I was distracted by other “diets” and other food plans that I thought were easier (easier is just eating the cheerios off of the tray) or healthier (I was vegetarian raw for 2 whole months!).

But now, as I am trying to learn to be a better cook, most of the foods I have cooked recently and most of the foods I have blogged about recently have been more-or-less “paleo-like”.  I have been noticing recently that more and more of the ideas I have been googling online have been coming from “Paleo” websites.

I had vaguely heard of the concept behind the paleo diet and just sighed “ugh” when I thought about implementing it with my family.  I have kids and they love their cereal boxes and they love baked goods and our usual Saturday morning deliver of donuts.  But I know that every single one of my kids could see benefit of eating this way and so we’ve discussed it this week and we are going to be “going paleo” for the whole month of March.  My oldest, he’s 17, has only agreed to 10 days.  I think 10 days of any radical change is enough to recognize the benefits.  I do hope he’ll give it more.

I am not sold “hook, line and sinker” on the paleo diet.  There are certain things that I disagree on – such as most paleo diets preference for bacon as a good source of protein.  It’s the candy of the low-carb world.  I can get bacon here in Abu Dhabi, but it’s expensive and it’s worth my effort to try and find better ingredients than bacon.  While I am sure that the paleolithic man ate cured meat, it was likely saved for times where they had no other choice.  I need to find those other choices – my husband suggested camel meat, which yes, it is for sale here.  I think it’s awful.

So, here we go, feet first into a Paleo Diet experiment.  We measured the kids yesterday and they are always delighted to be reminded that I am the shortest person in the family. I made a form that includes their height and ideal weight.  There’s also a spot on the form for them to fill out things about themselves that may be helped by a change in diet – from weight to acne.  I have teenagers.  There is acne.  And then, in 10 days time or longer if they’ll stay with it, we’ll open up those forms again and weigh ourselves and measure ourselves – the kids are growing taller and my husband and I are getting shorter – and we’ll see how our bodies responded to a different eating plan.

I hate calling anything a diet.  I was not put on this earth to diet.

So, here we go, March 1st.  Stay tuned for our eating plan for our first week of

The Great Paleo Challenge.

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