I need a personal photographer

I have been making good stuff lately, I just haven’t been able to keep up with photos.    My team is so hungry when the food hits the table that photos don’t really ever get a chance.

I have been putting a great deal of thought into being a better cook and expanding my repertoire of cooking skills.  I went on Amazon.com to look for some books on cooking skills and found books by James Peterson.  I purchased two books from James Peterson and am looking forward to trying some new “skills”.  I now have Cooking and Kitchen Simple:Essential Recipes for Every day cooking.  If you’re curious about these books, let me tell you about my first impression.  I have an iPad and downloaded the books to be viewed on my iPad.  I was pleasantly surprised to find very colorful photos inside.  And all of the recipes have a hot-link so that you can go directly to them.  These are my first Kindle cookbooks and I think they are both well done.

I’m also addicted to cooking shows.  Quite often, if I want to watch television, my choices are either Bollywood comedies, Arabic sports or a cooking show.  It’s an easy choice.

I love watching Iron Chef and my favorite chef is Michael Symon.  I just love his style.  Chef Symon has his own cooking show and he recently had an episode called “Steak Night”.  Who knows when it originally aired in the US, I just go to watch it the other night.  Chef Symon cooked a steak under a broiler and made a salad to go with it.  I knew David would love it.

Earlier today, David and I were out and about in Abu Dhabi and checking out a grocery store that we had heard about but had never explored together.  Time had gotten away from us and I realized that the chicken that I had wanted to cook wasn’t going to have time and so we had to think of something else.  David mentioned that he was having a hankering for a burger and I thought about that salad and so I made it.  Here’s the recipe-

Peach and Blue Cheese Salad

That is a man’s salad!  I will say, that I found the salad almost overpowering.  But we did not have very good peaches available to us and we did not have the right vinegar.  If you want to try and make this, get really firm and sweet peaches and use the right vinegar.  It’s a very bold salad and it needs to be paired with beef.  Even with it’s shortcomings, it went really well with the burgers David cooked.

I’ll work on my photos.  It’s tough to get the photos.

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