This is what I’m hoping for

While we were cleaning the kitchen, I assigned my 11 year old to water the herb garden.

She started inquiring about which plant was which and I suggested she just take a nibble of one…. I gave her a bit of chive and told her to tell me what it tasted like. “Oniony” was her response. She continued sampling each one and when she came to the cilantro, she couldn’t get enough! She mentioned how much it reminded her of Tex-Mex back home and I told her how easy it was to make it. Before I knew it, we were looking up recipes at and we made pico de gallo.

This is what I’m really pushing for here. To have my kids appreciate this fresh food and make it themselves. We had a great time!

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3 Responses to This is what I’m hoping for

  1. yewnique says:

    You’re going to have to tell me how to grow cilantro. I’ve had the worst luck with growing it! I’ve lost count how many tries I’ve had…

    • mom2mnmz says:

      Our cilantro came from a start that we bought at the grocery store. It likes a little bit of water several times a day. It does not do well with a daily heavy watering.

      • yewnique says:

        My coriander/cilantro are also potted ones bought from the supermarket. The instructions that come with it says to add 50ml of water every day. I do this and it dies on me. Always. 😦

        Maybe I should try again and add little bit of water several times a day and not 50mls all at once.

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